Cake Questions

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I get asked a lot of cake questions

After chatting to some other cakey friends today, I have pulled together a list of cake questions I often get asked when it comes to your cake.

Cake Questions

  • How much is a cake? This question I get asked at least every day and its a really hard question to answer as there are so many things that would affect the price of your cake
    • Size
    • Tiers
    • How detailed it is
  • How big will my cake be?
    • I offer a detailed cutting guild with every order so you can see how many slices you will get. At a party, especially a child’s party they will only eat a small piece so you can offer them a much smaller size then you would expect. Saves waste and money – making your cake much better value.
    • What flavour can it be?Loads!! If you can imagine it I can make it! Everything from Vanilla and jam to coconut and raspberry, Bakewell slice to mint choc chip. Let me know what you love and we can discuss it!
  • Do you deliver
    • Typically, no BUT let me know if you cant and we can discuss this as I may be able to help. Delivery charges will apply.
  • How do I transport my cake
    • The best place to put your cake is on the footwell of your car or the boot. It might surprise you but its flat and low to the ground so the perfect place. Make sure your boot is clear so that nothing can fall or bang into it. Please drive slowly!! Cakes are made of cake, they are fragile. I will do everything in my cakey powers to ensure that your cake arrives safely but please follow my advice.
  • When can I collect
    • This will be discussed initially when you book. Please ensure you book your cake for the day you want to collect not necessarily the date of your party or birthday.
  • How do I order?


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