2022 Wedding Cake Trends

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2022 Wedding Cake Trends

As we head straight into wedding season for 2022, it’s time to look at this year’s hottest wedding cake trends.

Although, let’s be honest, we all know weddings have been hit over the past two years so, while this is traditionally wedding season, they’re happening at any time at the moment as happy couples just want to get on with it!

For me, this unusual time is reflected in some of the trends being requested this year; cakes that are suitable for more intimate weddings are very much in the majority.

Let’s have a look at the four most popular designs for Mini Mixers in 2022.

Semi-naked cakes

Whether a single tier, small multi tiers or larger cakes for more mouths, semi-naked cakes are really popular again this year. Classic, rustic and simply gorgeous, these beauties can be dressed up or pared down to suit any style of wedding.

Add a small spray of your wedding flowers, some gold leaf or a subtle smudge or coloured buttercream to match your scheme, and you have the perfect, simple but elegant wedding cake on any scale, to feed your hungry guests.

Single tier cakes

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a bit of a theme of smaller, more intimate weddings at the moment, when the wedding couple either just want a small cake for cutting and to eat themselves (that’s their prerogative! 😉) or to feed only a handful of guests.

Whatever the reason, a single tier wedding cake is really affordable but can still be decorated in your chosen style to match your flowers, your theme or to represent the bride and groom’s personalities or hobbies.

What guise would your single tier wedding cake take?

Florals wedding cakes

This style will never go out of style. There are very few weddings that don’t feature flowers of some kind. And while some flowers are too toxic to feature on a wedding cake, there’s generally a way round that to feature your wedding flowers in some form or other.

From sugar or faux flowers to pressed blooms or edible petals, whatever your chosen style, it’s possible to feature them on your wedding cake. Picture a small sprig of posies on the top of a small cake or imagine a huge tumble of flowers down the side of a multi-tier sugar paste cake with all the bells and whistles.

And everything in between!

Macaron towers

Colourful, stylish, elegant and tasty, a macaron tower could be ideal for a slightly bigger wedding where cake for every guest isn’t necessary.

It’s nice to provide a single tier on the top but imagine a tower of delicate, colour-matched macarons beneath for your guests to graze on. Heaven!

Cupcakes or single cakes

If you really are looking at an intimate wedding or would like to combine wedding cake with a wedding breakfast dessert why not consider cupcakes or single cakes?

Having proved really popular throughout lockdown because of their individual serving nature, cupcake in particular, or single-serve cakes, are still going strong for wedding cakes.

Chose your flavour, style or decoration and be as flamboyant or elegant as you like. Make them fun, elegant, classic or breath-taking. But your guests will enjoy their own private cake to celebrate your special occasion.

What’s your favourite wedding cake trend for this year?

Availability for cakes and wedding cakes

Here at Mini Mixers I’m delighted to say that we’re fully booked all the way through to September. But my order book is open for wedding, novelty and occasion cake into 2023 so get booked in early for your special occasion.

Charlotte x


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