How to use your leftover Easter chocolate

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How to use your leftover Easter chocolate

What!? There’s leftover chocolate in your house? Seriously, that doesn’t happen in our house, but I get it… sometimes you fancy whipping up a batch of something delicious with the chocolate rather than just eating it in its original form.

And I’m here to help you with some lush ideas about how to do that.

Set up your scales, discard the foil and get ready to create some imaginative sweet treats with your leftover Easter chocolate…

No-bake festival chocolate bark

This colourful mishmash of all things leftover is such a fun way to combine all your chocolate goodies into one gorgeous treat.

Melt all your milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water or in the microwave until it is glossy, liquid, chocolatey goodness. Do the same with any white chocolate you have too…

Prepare a baking sheet with greaseproof paper and pour the milk chocolate on to it. Spread the oozing goodness out to a thickness you’re happy with. A pallet knife is a great tool for this part.

Drizzle the white chocolate over the milk chocolate then use a fork (just the tips of the prongs) or a cocktail stick to swirl them together like you’re a famous watercolour artist…

Now’s the most fun part, ever. Break open your crème or caramel eggs and place them into the melted chocolate, sprinkle your chocolate beans, crumble your flakiest chocolate and generally top the melted chocolate with any goodies you have to hand.

How colourful and delicious does that look!?

Stand back, admire, photograph, celebrate, applaud and wait for it to set (the hardest part!) Setting at room temperature is best to get a lovely glossy finish so if you can be patient, do it.

Once it’s set, break it into shards and tuck in. The pieces will be fine at room temperature in an airtight box for around two weeks – if it lasts that long…

Chocolate pots with pick ‘n’ mix toppings

I love this recipe because it just seems so decadent but should be a huge hit with the family. And it only takes around 10 minutes to create, plus a couple of hours for chilling. The perfect dessert to create ahead of your Sunday lunch or as an amazing finishing touch to a garden picnic.

Check out the recipe here.

These delicious little individual pots are made from custard and crème fraiche and have whatever toppings you have leftover as the finishing touch.

Easter egg rocky road

A sure-fire winner with most families I know, a rocky road is a great way to use up Easter chocolate. Get the kids involved to make this colourful and delicious, no-bake treat, ideal for picnics, packed lunches or the perfect after-school treat.

I love how easy this recipe is. There aren’t too many ingredients and the kids can help as much or as little as they’re able. Decorating the top with Easter sprinkles and mini eggs is the perfect way to finish this treat off…

Here’s the recipe!

Keeping it simple with strawberry kebabs

As the season for BBQs and garden picnics approaches (and so, hopefully, does the weather!), why not use your leftover Easter chocolate to make a scrumptious dipping sauce for your strawberry and marshmallow kebabs?

Perfect for the grown-ups, this recipe features Grand Marnier. But I’m sure this could be substituted for another tipple if GM ain’t your bag… or make a second dip, leaving the alcohol out for the kids.

It couldn’t be easier – check out the recipe here.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to get creative with your leftover Easter chocolate. Or at least you’ve enjoyed having a read while nibbling at the final pieces of your favourite egg! Either way – winner!

Until next time.


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